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Innovation DNA

Expanding the reach


Our history of innovation goes back to 1985. We provided the first digital files to enable the projection of 35mm digital slides and eventually helped newspapers transition to color. Since then, we have had the chance to recognize our solutions several times for our courage to look to the future.


Today, we push forward “co-innovation” with our loyal clients, developing desktop applications that redefine the term “productivity.” Cloud-based solutions deliver the most reliable, productive, and flexible tools in the industry - without exception. A product range and service that, together with a global network of professional consulting and implementation companies, pursue the familiar goal: Creating value for the customer with knowledge and innovation.


We help companies optimize their business processes to streamline internal systems and increase productivity in all areas of content production. It is our duty to understand the critical issues faced every day. By doing so, our automation efforts aim to have recurring processes carried out entirely by our solutions. The goal is that your employees stop spending their working time on routine and repetitive tasks. After all, each has certain qualities, talents, and preferences that can benefit your company. Simultaneously, our proven automated solutions give you a competitive edge, allowing the expansion of your reach.


The adaptability of our products reflects our fast-thinking engineering skills. This is one reason DALIM SOFTWARE has established long-standing relationships with leading companies worldwide. Companies like Apple and Adobe, from whom APPE® (Adobe PDF Print Engine) technology was onboarded over a decade ago in their fields where applicable, with value-added resellers who complement DALIM SOFTWARE solutions for specialized markets, with original equipment manufacturers incorporating DALIM SOFTWARE’s expertise into a highly efficient and cost-effective workflow designed for digital printing and high-end color approval, with key software vendors who work with us to deliver tuned and tested business solutions, enterprise-level workflow production, online collaboration tools, ERP or CMS system integration and management, and more. And finally, with our customers themselves - to better understand their issues, industry concerns, business strategies, and working practices so that we can continue to develop best-in-class solutions that fit today’s business models.


We are an international team of enthusiastic specialists who have always believed that remote collaboration strengthens internal and external partnerships towards common goals of scalability and resilience. Our work-from-anywhere product philosophy puts all our knowledge into developing powerful, cloud- friendly everyday collaboration solutions, ranging from digital asset management and online approval solutions to intelligent automated workflows. All of these are delivered with straightforward project management tools wrapped in intelligent user interfaces that provide an impeccable experience. These solutions are combined to ensure that our users receive far-reaching, innovative technologies that have the potential to impact the media landscape for decades to come.